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Thursday, May 31, 2007:
"Some Like It Hot" contest!
While the cat's away....

Friday morning I leave for Cincinnati territory, and won't be back until sometime late Sunday afternoon, but while I'm away I figured instead of leaving you hanging, I would run a fun contest over the weekend. Open to any and all bloggers that enjoy sexy books, no matter where you live, I am offering up a copy of "Naughty Housewives".

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What is the sexiest book you've ever read?
Did you like it? If so, why?
A winner will be selected Wednesday, June 6th - good luck!



  1. Not sure of the naughtiest, but I've read Naughty Housewives and it ranks up there with some of the naughtiest!
    I hope you get lots of people to enter this book. It's a very good read that I recommend to everyone!
    BTW, that was a great interview that you did with Elizabeth/Janice.

  2. I remember when I read my first Secrets books years ago...
    Oh, about finding your reading niche.
    I think nowadays those early books are tame compared to what's out there, but Secrets left its mark on me.

    Btw...I couldn't post on Janice's interview. Was it set up for no comments?

  3. Well.. now the sexiest.. would be Lacey Alexander's Voyeur. It was my first full length erotic romance. Although I do remember reading stories in The Pearl (back from Victorian age erotica).

  4. Menage by Emma Holly opened up a whole new world of books for me by getting me into the Black Lace line. I enjoyed the fine balancing act required to hold a triangle together and found it playful at the same time.

  5. I have read some of Emma Holly's books and loved them.

  6. Oh Gosh--I guess that would be the Fall Fires anthology stories by Whiskey Creek Press authors.

    But I don't read much 'hot' stuff :)

    I always find Linda Howard 'hot' I couldn't pick a single book, pretty much all of her books :)

  7. A Secrets Anthology.

  8. Probably the naughtiest book that comes to my mind where the heat of the scenes really stayed with me after reading it was Personal Assets by Emma Holly. A friend loaned it to me and I devoured it in one night.

  9. Hey, Stace! Hope you have a fun and safe trip and remember pictures are worth a thousand words.... :oD

    The hottest book I've ever read is Vivi Anna's "Hell Kat". It was my first erotica. You always remember your first time...

  10. Just wanted to say have fun on your trip!!!

  11. I love the sound of Naughty Housewives! The sexiest book is probably Lilith’s Legacy by Aubrey Ross.

  12. Hi Stace!

    Hmm, naughtiest book I've ever read? Probably any of the Wolf Tales by Kate Douglas. They are smokin' hot, have every sort of sexual combination you can think of, and shapeshifters.

    Yup, hot, hot, hot. And naughty.

    BTW, we expect a FULL report when you get back!

  13. I can think of a couple....Champagne Rules by Susan Lyons...very hot and a nice interracial romance.

    Plus, I just finished Taming Him an Ellora's Cave anthology by Kimberly Dean, Summer Devon, and Michelle Pillow...some steamy stories.

    Oh, and Sarah McCarty's Promises series are very naughty western romances with enjoyable storylines.

    Sorry hard for me to pick just one...LOL.

  14. Marly's Choice by Lora Leigh. This was my first erotica book. It was really hot.

  15. Thanx everyone, and I have to admit I've read several of the books listed here already *g* It's always nice to hear from readers who share the same taste.

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