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Friday, May 21, 2010:
Or Somewhere In Between with JA Saare
So we've come to the 3rd and final installment of my interview with JA Saare. It's been a wonderful experience having her here, and I'm sad to see it come to an end, but I cannot wait to meet her in June! Squee! Something to look forward to :)

<------ (Niiiice picture of Trent Reznor...)

S~ If you weren't a writer, what could you see yourself doing as a career?

Jaime: I'm six classes shy of my Associate's degree in Education. So if this writing thing doesn't pan out, you might find me in a classroom surrounded by kiddos.

S~ What is the most memorable experience you've had as a writer, whether it's meeting a favorite author or receiving a touching fan letter?

Jaime: Every single time I get an email from someone who enjoyed something I've written... Honestly, I can't describe what that does for a writer. Yes, reading is subjective. Yes, not everyone will like what you put out there. But when someone does like it, gets it, and wants to thank you for it -- it's an extremely humbling feeling that I cannot describe and always inspires me to get back to work and keep writing.

S~ What is a typical writing day like for you? Do you have a certain place you write or are you mobile?

Jaime: Since I got my laptop, I'm constantly toting it around. I write at the kitchen table, on the floor, or wherever I get the chance. When I wrote Crimson Moon, Dead, and Eternity and a Day, I did it on my PC (with my youngest child in my lap). It's much nicer to be mobile!

S~ What's the gutsiest thing you've done as a writer? The proudest?

Jaime: Staying true to the ending of Dead (or should I say, the "revised" ending). People either love me or hate me for that. The proudest? Hitting #300 on the kindle bestseller list on (and #4 on a couple of the category lists). I never, EVER thought Dead would do as well as it has. It's been amazing.

S~ If Disco were to appear to you one day, wanting to take you away from your life and pamper and spoil you, as long as you became a vampire, would you do it?

Jaime: Are you kidding? Bite me, baby! *grin* Joking aside, I'd have to pass. My husband isn't the shiny new model he once was, but neither am I, and I kind of like this "growing old together" thing we have going on. [Awww....]
S~ What is the best advice you've received about writing?
Jaime: Keep writing. Two words; best advice EVER.

S~ Rhiannon Murphy from D,U, or SIB is a rockin' bartender. Have you ever tended bar and experienced some of the drama Rhi does on the job? Do feel free to share any wild stories ;)

Jaime: Oh man, yeah. In college, I worked two jobs -- at a wings joint as a server and at a video store. The wings joint helped me understand the school of bar while the video store introduced me to adult entertainment. A ton of the things you read in Dead come directly from those experiences. As for wild stories, let me see...

Once I was working the early morning shift at the video store (meaning the place was empty) and this couple came in. They whipped out the IDs and went into the back to choose some "bow-chica-wow" stuff if you know what I mean. As I was sorting through the videos from the return slot, I heard a soft gasp, followed by another. When I walked back to the counter, I realized there was some action taking place in the back. They came out a few minutes later and left the store. They didn't rent anything, but I guess they'd already gotten their fix.

S~ What musician is just rockin' your world these days?

Jaime: There is only one for me, and his name is Trent Reznor. [see above picture] I'm always listening to NIN (have all the albums on itunes), to the point that it drives the hubs nuts sometimes. When I'm in the mood for something different, it can be literally ANYTHING. The other day I was in a weird oldies mood and kept listening to 50's and 60's stuff. I wanted to find a poodle skirt and start doing the shag.

S~ Does your husband read your stories? How does he feel about competing with those sexy vamps?

Jaime: You are the first person to ask this, which is kind of funny. ;-) My husband does NOT read my stories. He's read two things I've written -- Penance (flash fiction featuring Rhiannon) and Redemption (flash fiction featured in The Creatures of the Night anthology). He doesn't really care about the vamps in my head but he does get annoyed sometimes when he's in the mood and he has to pry me away from my laptop.

S~ What's up next for JA Saare? Any book covers you can share with us?

Jaime: Up next is Crimson Moon, releasing June 25th at The Wild Rose Press. It's a paranormal romance and the first in a trilogy. After that it's Eternity and a Day, releasing July 6th at Loose Id (under Aline Hunter). I don't have the cover for Eternity yet but I do have one for Crimson Moon I've attached for you. Right now I'm wrapping up a new PNR entitled Omega Mine. When that's done it's back to The Renfield Syndrome and a new urban fantasy, The Company of Wolves. [busy girl!]

Thanks for having me by the blog, Stacy! I had a great time and really enjoyed your questions. See you in June!

S~ Thank YOU, Jaime, it was a blast having you here! You are welcome back any time!


And thank all of you for stopping by as well. Stay tuned later today for a chance to win a copy of Jaime's book, Dead, Undead or Somewhere in Between!

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  1. The interviews have been wonderful hun!!! im dying to read "Dead" DYING!! i must tangle with..i mean meet this Disco =D

  2. Hey Sparkly ~

    I hope you enjoy Dead. :) See you on Twitter!

  3. Another great interview. I'm so happy to have gotten the opportunity to learn more about one of my favorite new authors! Jaime is awesome and I can't wait to read her books coming out in the future. Go "Handsome Hawke!" :D

  4. Loved the interviews! Must go book shopping soon. All this talk about Disco has me wanting to read more!

  5. Wonderful interview and this pic is so hawt!
    You are a really busy bee, Jamie.
    Keep going hon!

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