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Monday, May 08, 2006:
He's not just a fantasy anymore....

Well ladies, she did it! Michelle Buonfiglio, columnist for got the scoop on hot cover model Nathan Kamp! He's been on the book covers for such recognizable authors as Lori Foster ("Wildly Winston"); Kinley MacGregor ("Swords of Darkness"), Teresa Medeiros ("The Vampire Who Loved Me") and Lucy Monroe ("The Scorsolini Marriage Bargain"), and now here he is, talking one on one with a very cool lady....gosh I really, really hate her - LOL. Just kidding Michelle. You are the Queen Bella and I wanna be just like you when I grow up!

There's really nothing more to be said....

I'll just give you the link here.....and let you admire some of God's greatest artwork....sigh....


  1. Hi, Stacy! Thanks so much for the great blog, and saying such nice things. God help me if I start believing them. :)

    Oo, I'm hoping it's OK he's not a fantasy anymore. It was kinda easier to just ogle (one o or two?) him, but now he's a nice guy with a wife, they want kids... sigh.

    Well, you started me down this NK road, so thanks. Looks like we're gonna make some new friends out of it.

  2. Thanx Michelle. I am so proud of you for getting the interview. It's totally okay he's not a fantasy anymore cuz now we know he's even better ;)

  3. Just the pic was a great motivator to get writing this morning!

  4. That is a yummy picture of him!

  5. Hi Stacy !!!

    Sheesh !!!

    You're killing me with these pictures of Mr. Kamp !!!

    Dang !!! I'm attacking my hubby more often because of them !!!

    (...not that he's complaining...but there's an eventual fatigue factor...and, if I get's a direct link to your website !!!)

    My sisters are like big fans of Mr. Kamp and have tons of the novels that his lovely image has graced the covers.

    If you would like more titles to add to your already massive collection...I'll be happy to email them to you.

    Eventually, I am going to place all these novels on, hopefully other romance readers will not only have an opportunity to read awesome stories....but they can gaze at the lovely image of Mr. Kamp !!!

    I do have a small request...since you are the Lady-extraordinare of finding cover models...

    Can you please find out who the (United States) cover model for Sherrilyn Kenyon's novel "Unleash the Night" is ???

    I pray if I ever ran into him...I would have the courage to face him and smile...rather than jumping into the nearest bush and faint away !!! that's the mission, if ya choose to accept it...(hoping with fingers & toes cressed !!!)

    Thanks again Stacy for your great website !!!

    It's very cool !!!!

  6. Thanx for the feedback. Sunny, I'll see what I can do LOL.

  7. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  8. Oh Stacy !!!

    If you truly could find out the lovely man on the (us) cover of

    Sherrilyn Kenyon's "Unleash the Night"...

    ...that would be so amazing !!!

    ...and while I'm asking...have you ever seen this male model before ???

    Here's the website :

    ...if you scroll down the page...there are more photos of him.... be languishing on that man's body...

    *Sigh*...I'm in total lust...

    ... I better go sip on a strawberry daquiri...need to cool down !!!

    Thanks so much again Awesome Girl !!!


  9. Sunny, based on the link you gave me, I recognized him right away - he's Christopher Douglas, though those pictures have to be about 10 years old. He appeared on OLTL awhile back:

    Hope these help :)

  10. Stacy !!!

    You are AMAZING !!!

    Thank you for finding out who that gorgeous man is !!! WOW !!!

    But, I do kind of miss his long hair...but still.... WOW !!!

    Stacy, Oh Talented there anything you can't do ??

    Thanks again Sweet Girl !!!

    Must toddle off and go find my husband !!!


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