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Thursday, August 07, 2008:
RWA: Day 1 (Part 2)
Here is more with the Literacy signing, which, I might add, was only 2 hours long, from 5:30 to 7:30pm. By the time we all actually got into the room, it might have been closer to 5:45. And I only spent about $70 on books. That just seems wrong - I budgeted for considerably more, but discovered I had most of the books I wanted already.
Susan Grant
I've never read her books, but I'd heard good things about "Moonstruck" so I had to get a copy...once the lady in front of me stopped talking. I swear I waited at least 10 precious minutes. But Susan was a doll. I think it's cool she's a pilot for United, where I used to work. Her blog talks about her traveling adventures.
Jasmine Haynes
I recently read "The Fortune Hunter" and really liked it, so I had to stop by and say "hey" to
Jasmine, who also writes as Jennifer Skully and JB Skully
Leslie Kelly
Another Plotmonkey! And look at that friendly smile Leslie has. We talked about the funny RITA video she was in, and or course I had to ask her where she put her sword since she didn't have it with her. And just like RWA 2006 in Atlanta, I ran into Patti - where we laughed and hugged.
Julie Leto
My 3rd and final Plotmonkey sighting (everytime I got near Carly there was either a long line or she'd stepped away). Julie is always so friendly with the hugs, and quick with a compliment.
Jill Monroe
Isn't she just adorable? Jill looks so sweet, but then we see those hilarious Author Talk videos she does with pal Gena Showalter and know that she's looking to start trouble...of the best kind, of course. I sat next to her on the plane to Atlanta in 2006, then calling her Gena's friend, but Ms. Monroe can stand on her own, with several book releases to her credit. She's not just Gena's friend anymore.
Jenna Petersen/Jess Michaels
I knew her first as Jess Michaels, when her novella in a Secrets volume caught my attention and wouldn't let go. (Read "Ancient Pleasures"!) I grabbed my first Jenna Petersen book, and can't wait to read it.
C.L. Wilson
I can't remember exactly where I'd heard about "Lord of the Fading Lands" (probably from Kati, but I read it and loved it. Meeting C.L. was awesome, and she's so bubbly and as much as of a fan of Anne Bishop as I am, if not more. We bonded over the Black Jewels trilogy.
Julia Quinn
How can you not love Julia Quinn, and her Bridgertons? That just seems impossible to me. She's definitely on my list of top 10 favorite authors, and meeting her was a pleasure, though a brief and much interrupted one. But she's a class act.
Larissa Ione
I read her Sydney Croft books, and told Larissa that I just had to read "Pleasure Unbound" because my book pimp recommended it. And wouldn't you know, she knew MaryKate! Well of course she did. Kati is not a meek fan, but one who spreads the love. Thank God for that.


  • Not getting to see Suzanne Brockmann again. She is one of my all-time faves.
  • Lisa Kleypas not signing this year. Another idol of mine.
  • Not getting to meet J.D. Robb. You can have Nora, I'll take J.D. And Roarke.
  • Missing out on Carly Phillips. She is one busy lady.
  • Linda Howard not signing. Another all-time fave.
  • Not getting a picture of Bella Monica Burns. But I did stop & chat w/ her.
  • Not seeing Jill Shalvis for even one second - I had cookies and everything!
  • Forgetting to get a picture of Carole Mortimer - only the author responsible for me reading romance!

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  1. Stacy, did you not make it to the "P"'s?
    ::sniff:: I'm sorry!

  2. Larissa is another author who I'm grateful didn't call the police for a restraining order after I wrote her a GUSHY email.

    Pleasure Unbound remains my favorite read of the summer!

    Stace, I read CL Wilson's September release, did I tell you that? It was slow going for me, but I was totally disappointed for it to end.

    Total bummer that Lisa K. didn't sign. I heard she was at the St. Martin's signing though. Sorry you missed her, you must have been disappointed.

    Thank you SO much for the terrific pictures, Stacy, it's like I was there!

  3. Great pics! Look like it was lots of fun! :)

  4. Great Pictures and captions, Stacy. I loved looking at them. Thanks for sharing with all of us. Hugs.

  5. I was to shy to go up to Authors if I wasn’t going to buy their book :o( Maybe next time I’ll budget better and have a little more courage lol. I love all of the pictures Stacy!

  6. Thanks for the pics, Stace!! It's as good as being there....well, almost. ;o)

    I'm so glad you had a great time. I'm hoping to get to next years. I'll have a year to get caught up on the authors that I haven't read and should.

  7. I haven't read Pleasure Unbound. I'm going to have to check it out.

    More great pics. Loving the re-cap

  8. Oh my God, why didn't somebody tell me how AWFUL my hair!

    Great to meet you Stacy!

  9. Stacy-

    Sounds like you had a fabulous time. Loving the pictures.....

    Hopefully I might get to make it next year. Lookinf forward to more posts.

  10. great pictures Stacy. Sorry you didn't get to see Jill I know she would have loved the cookies.

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